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TimeSteps Wins 17th MCA-I Award

The Luck of the Irish is with Us

Another Gold Award for TimeSteps

The judges of the 46th MCA-I Media Festival have awarded TimeSteps and its client New York Blood Center with the prestigious Golden Reel Award. This year's submission, entitled "CORE 4," is a delightful, animated video that explains the four blood types that are most in demand.

Judges were MCA-I members and other invited professionals from around the world who have been working professionally in media production for at least 5 years - most with more than 15 years' experience.

"This is our 17th Award from MCA-I (Media Communications Association - International)," says Marilyn Petrokubi, "yet it never ceases to be an honor to receive one. Congratulations must also go to our clients at New York Blood Center. We are proud to have been producing videos for them for 15 years.

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