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 Marilyn Petrokubi - Writing Samples 

Read our story (above) about Pro Figure Skater and Firefighter, Heidi Vanderhoof. She is Captain of the West Orange, NJ Fire Department and a professional figure skater and coach at Codey Arena. She also is Director of the Essex Special Skaters a skating school for children and adults with disabilities.


Profiles, biographies, newsletters, marketing materials, scripts, websites and more... 

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Who are you?  What motivates you?  What are your passions?  


We tell  the stories of people you want to know better.


Whether it's profiles of co-workers in your monthly newsletter or


stories about the generous donors to your organization, 


we tell the stories that come from the heart and move others.



Pro Figure Skater and Firefighter, Heidi Vanderhoof  is Captain of the West Orange, NJ Fire Department and a professional figure skater and coach at Codey Arena.  She also is Director of the Essex Special Skaters.

Photo by Marilyn Petrokubi



A new European brand sweeps Soho.


A sleeper product awakens thanks to a consumer insight

that suggests speed of action trumps convenience.


Mouthwash with green tea flavor sweeps the Asia Pacific market.

Telling the stories that drive your companies business allows your global 

marketing groups to learn from the insights of others.  


TimeSteps interviews marketing experts around the globe who oversee strategy and customer insights to get the skinny on innovative best practices. 


Marketing Success Stories

Read our story (above) about the flagship Korres store in lower Manhattan. This delightful store sells beauty products infused with flowers and herbs indigenous to Greece

Photo by Marilyn Petrokubi

And Video Scripts




Science & Technology: "Research"

Running Time: 4:12 min

Color / Sound / Live Action

Hi-tech. Bio-tech. TimeSteps is a leader in communicating the complex workings of the laboratory in its videos.


In "Research" the  work at The National Cord Blood Program at the Howard P. Milstein National Cord Blood Center is featured along with the efforts at NYBC's Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute. The Center has distributed cord blood units throughout the U.S. and internationally, with more than 4,900 units shipped to 220-plus transplant centers in 38 countries spanning six continents. World-class researchers at NYBC's Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute lead the way in pioneering blood research focused on global health issues, from HIV and hepatitis to malaria and thalassemia. 

Colleges & Universities: "Rutgers Library System"

Running Time: 4:00 min

Color/Sound/Live Action

Institutions for higher education are competing for the brightest and the best.  More than once, Rutgers has called on TimeSteps to create appealing videos that resonate the school's spirit and sense of purpose.


Grounded in traditions as old as the University itself, the Rutgers Library System is constantly evolving as a digital media network, serving students, faculty, and the community at large.


The challenge was to capture the relevance of the libraries, preserving  the balance between these older services and the new technologies that make the library system so vital today.

Education: "Auto Red"

Running Time: 2:51


Our client challenged us with communicating a fairly complex message about a new technology WITHOUT

voice-over narration. 


So using only text, music and pictures, we created a charming animation which explains Automated Red Blood Cell Donation, a technology that allows blood donors to give twice as many units of red blood cells as traditional methods.

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