The Moog Museum in Ashville, NC

The Moog Museum in Ashville, NC

Rob is a fan of analog and digital synths. Here at the Moog factory tour and store, Rob had fun playing theramins and various Moog instruments.



Rob Lieberman is a music supervisor and composer for TV series, features, corporate and educational programs, spots, meetings/events, and new media including web shorts, podcast series  and full multi-episode campaigns for the web.


He gives each a unique musical voice by defining palettes and providing options for mood, instrumentation and style.

More than simply knowing vast libraries of music, Rob is also able to anticipate how a piece can be used to best serve a visual, be it with subtle support or powerful juxtaposition. He is your musical compass. 


Clients love his sensitivity and the good taste he exercises for their projects.  And they appreciate his enthusiasm, knowledge of music styles,  and efficiency when it comes to creating successful campaigns and award-winning projects.  


He also helps with sync rights pricing and licensing.







Music Supervision

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My music

Rob at the Moog Museum, Ashville, NC.

Photo by Marilyn Petrokubi

Rob Lieberman Original Scores 

Walleye and the Fish Band

Running Time: 2:19 min

Color / Sound

"Help Save Our Waters" Walleye and the Fish Band.  Music written and produced by Rob Lieberman of TimeSteps. Lyrics by Rob Lieberman and Marilyn Petrokubi.   Lead vocal, Ray Anderson. Additional musicians: Tom Hammer, Leah Hammer, and Clive Smith. 



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