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Marilyn Petrokubi

More About the Team

Writer/Producer/Director of award-winning video and print communications

Marilyn Petrokubi

Writer/Producer/Director Marilyn Petrokubi is a graduate of Rutgers School of Information and Communication with an MLS degree. Marilyn began her career as a librarian in public libraries and as an asset management consultant for AT&T, Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies.  With that foundation, she developed her skill-set as a writer/producer/director of film and media at these companies, founding TimeSteps Productions, Inc. ( as a woman-majority-owned business.

Over the years, she has established herself as a writer of digital content for internal and external communications and as a video producer for non-profit and corporate communications. With clients like New York Blood Center, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and several global pharmaceutical companies - J&J, Merck, and Novartis - Marilyn has made a career of taking technological subjects and translating them into layman’s terms. She also has attracted non-profit clients like the United Way and Good Grief and educational institutions like Rutgers University.

Her passion for heartwarming stories is now evident in the novels she writes as well. With two now out for querying, she is tackling a sequel to her MG Fantasy ORANGE.   

Whether she is writing about ghost and vampires, down in the trenches shooting in rugged industrial environments, in the lab documenting groundbreaking cell & gene therapies or on school campuses talking to teens about AIDs and drug addiction, clients appreciate her engaging interviewing style and story-telling skills. She is known to bring creativity and a fresh approach to every new project she tackles.



• Public library service (Reference) with hands-on experience doing 3d printing

• Written, produced and directed over 80 documentary-style, informational,

historical, and marketing programs, as well as public service announcements

• 2015 Gold Award Winner MCA-I “CORE 4”

• 2014 Gold, Silver and Bronze winner MCA-I “Research,” “Evolution,” “Blood”

• 2012 Gold Award, 49th Annual ADCNJ Awards “Walleye & the Fish Band” with 37,000+ hits on YouTube

• Writer/Producer for 2007 PBS Series “Where Health Works”

• Total of 17 Awards for Media Communicators Association – International

• 4 Tellys and a Cine Golden Eagle

• Developed broadcast cable docs: “The Sneaky Chef” and “Fireworks Family”

• Writer of three screenplays “Byline,” “Wedding Belle Blues,” and “The Pumpkin Master”

• Author of the manuscripts ORANGE and IMPOSSIBLE CHOCOLATES.  Now seeking representation

Rob Lieberman
Award Winning Producer, Post Production and Music Supervisor

Rob Lieberman


For Rob, joining TimeSteps in 1990 was an opportunity to push the boundaries on short-form creative projects. He has produced over 300 videos, exercising his strong conceptual, technical and managerial skills  A graduate of Bennington College, with graduate coursework  from NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program, Rob’s background includes video/film, animation, sound design, music production and strategic consulting.


Rob has been on the forefront of digital processes in both the audio and post-production workspaces pioneering new technologies and approaches. Managing efficient work flow, Rob has proven himself an innovative producer/project manager able to budget complex programming and deliverables, while elevating the production value of even the simplest projects.


Rob is always looking to raise the creative bar. He has worked with some of the leading names in documentary and independent films. Clients have included Saatchi and Saatchi, J&J, Lucent, HBO, BBC America, TLC, ABC Family and numerous non-profit and Fortune 500 businesses.


Rob also has developed a following as a business strategy consultant for some of New York’s most prestigious media facilities like Image Group, Pomann Sound, and Duplication Services Inc., as well several VFX and internet companies.


His other skill set is music.  He has scored dozens of projects and music supervised hundreds of others for cable, independent features, and short-form projects. Credits include the “The Ventures 30-Year Anniversary Special,” “Mozart 200," reality shows like “What Not to Wear” (TLC) and several independent features.


He is the company cheerleader, always encouraging his team to come up with fresh ideas - alive with color and design, splashes of sound and dramatic story-telling.  





• Produced over 300 projects

• Music supervised over 100 soundtracks

• Scored over 30 documentaries, spots, and informational/historical programs

• Worked with pioneering digital technologies in both audio and graphics.

• 2015 Gold Award Winner MCA-I “CORE 4”

• 2014 Gold, Silver and Bronze winner MCA-I “Research,” “Evolution,” “Blood”

• 2012 Gold Award, 49th Annual ADCNJ Awards “Walleye & the Fish Band”

• Total of 17 Awards for Media Communicators Association – International

• 4 Tellys and a Cine Golden Eagle

• Developed broadcast cable docs: “Fireworks Family” and “The Sneaky Chef."


Claudia Rashke-Robinson

Claudia Raschke-Robinson 


German born, Academy Award nominee cinematographer, Claudia Raschke-Robinson, is best known for her ability to bring her fluid sense of movement and discerning eye to her projects. She’s worked on highly professional commercial endeavors to lower budget works of art and has shot numerous award-winning marketing and motivational programs for TimeSteps.

Claudia came to New York from Hamburg Germany in 1983 to become a dancer after receiving a degree in Fine Arts. Her life changed when a friend asked her to help him shoot a student film. In cinematography, she had found a medium to channel all of her passions related to dance, music, fine arts, photography and film.

Notable documentaries include “Particle Fever,” Oscar-nominated “God is the Bigger Elvis” (HBO), "Extreme Guide to Parenting" (Bravo), "Broadway or Bust" (PBS), “A Sea of Change” (Discovery),”What’s Your Point, Honey?” (Lifetime), “Mad Hot Ballroom” (Paramount), Oscar-nominated “My Architect” (add’l DP), Oscar nominated Sister Rose’s Passion (add’l DP for HBO), as well as indie features like “Kiss Me Guido,” “Walking in the Sky,” and “Frame of Mind.”

For TimeSteps she has shot several award-winning programs for clients: Centocor, Ortho Biotech, United Way, Rutgers University and New York Blood Center. 



Academy Award nominated Cinematographer
David Bruce
Award-winning FCP, Avid, and After Effects Editor

David Bruce 



David Bruce has over thirty years of experience in commercial filmmaking.  His diverse background includes directing, animation, and editing for features, commercials, music videos, documentaries, and corporate films.


While at Liberty Studios, a NYC visual effects house, he developed his skills as an Avid editor. Concurrently he directed national spots as well as leading the animation effects team of Star Trek V. 


His career as an editor blossomed with a mixture of spot work, music videos, and documentary programming, using FCP editing software as well as Avid.  He has cut "Practical Visionaries"  and "What One Man Can Do, John Denver's Legacy" for PBS, the award winning “Children of War,” as well as “Cecelia’s Story” for Discovery Health.  He has been a senior series editor on "The Walker’s Cay Chronicles" and "Guy Harvey, Portraits of the Deep" for ESPN.  


David Bruce and TimeSteps have had a working relationship for over ten years on numerous award-winning projects for clients: Centocor, Ortho Biotech, United Way, Rutgers University and New York Blood Center, including most recently, the NYBC Digital Toolkit, a set of ten videos for multi-purpose use, distributed on a variety of platforms. 




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