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Take the Step

Take the Step

Established in 1987, TimeSteps has been a leader among video and digital media production companies. Corporations, non-profits and their agencies know TimeSteps makes it easy to navigate the challenging waters of digital media with clean, concise communications.

Your pathway... Your story...

Your pathway... Your story...

Since our founding, we've not only designed programs and materials to celebrate major milestones, we've also helped to strengthen brands and to fundraise millions. Our programs have assisted in recruiting the best and brightest, and ultimately, our efforts have helped enhance the corporate image of many of America's largest companies.

A Call to Action

A Call to Action

Push play. And you are on your way to engage your audience with programming that will motivate, inspire, and build confidence... We touch people's minds and hearts. It's not magic; it's craft and creativity from TimeSteps.

Distinctly Personal

Distinctly Personal

Hundreds of executives, celebrities, employees, patients and regular people have sat down with us and shared their tales. And there is nothing we enjoy more. Just look at the smile on Stacey Mason-Sotille's face, and you can see that the feeling is mutual. Stacey is a spokeperson for the "Queens Sickle Cell Advocacy Network" (QSCAN).

Buoyant  and Courageous

Buoyant and Courageous

TimeSteps breathes fresh life into tired subjects as we flex our creative muscles. We exhale simplicity when grappling with technical subjects and transform them into laymen's terms. Whether live-action or animation, scripted or unscripted, our team develops engaging programming that wins approval, ROI and awards time and time again.

Future Forward

Future Forward

No matter what the organization or industry, TimeSteps stays on the forefront of leading edge stories for their clients, sharing the promise of amazing things to come. Clients in healthcare, pharma, colleges and universities, energy, technology, and finance all have one thing in common... and it started with one step.

TimeSteps Winner of 17 MCA-I Awards

Video Productions

Writing Services

Soundtrack Design


           Magazine/E-zine articles


           Website content

           Video Scripts/Feature film screenplays

           Newsletters and collateral material




Marketing/branding videos

Milestone retrospectives

Fundraising/motivational programs

Recruitment videos


Event and Trade show programming

Public service announcements




Music supervision

Original scores

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